'feimei/ FAY-may; Greek: Φήμη, Roman equivalent: Fama'

Pheme was born in West London, named after the Greek goddess of fame and notoriety, Pheme isn’t just a nod to the relevance of classical thinking today, it’s a reaction to the modern condition of today’s society.

Our influences are rooted in retro streetwear, juxtaposed with classical art, design and literature, and executed with refined clean lines. The result is a concept that manifests its archaic roots creating a new relevance in the old-school for now and the future.

"Fac ut tibi narro et abstine de rumore gentis. Nam Fama rem malam est, ob puellam, pondus leve tollere est, o facilis maxime, sed gravior ferre, et dura removere iterum. Fama (Rumour) numquam totaliter defluit si multas gentes sua magna locuti sunt. Vero, vere speciem de deam est."